Here are some of the projects I've worked on!
A yellow diamond with a cartoon elephant named Arthur in the center wearing a graduation cap
Every year, a group of seniors at Tufts University builds a dating app from scratch for the outgoing class to be used only during the final few weeks of school. I worked as the Lead Backend Engineer on the 2019 incarnation of JumboSmash that was live from April 26 - May 19. I am extremely proud of the work that our team did on this project, and it was a smashing success!
The tRPC logo, which is three cubes connected by lines
I had been dreaming of something like tRPC for almost two years when I stumbled across it on GitHub. It's an amazing library that allows for rest-like APIs with full type saftey and a great DX. I jumped right on it and joined the community as a code and financial contributor. @KATT has done an amazing job with this project and I'm excited to see where it goes.
A grid of days showing a heatmap of how many messages were sent on each day
A visual iMessage browser with a heatmap calendar that filters on conversation and day. Built for COMP 177 Visualization in Fall 2017. This used the iMessage SQLite database and was built on Electron. I also built a more feature-rich version of this in Swift for macOS in 2018, but it never made it to GitHub 😭
A screenshot of Flow schema code
Flow Schema is a fast runtime schema validation library for Flow. I conceived of this library and used it internally while working on a message broker and needed a way to validate incoming messages that worked with Flow's type system. Since then, Flow became much less popular than TS there are now much better libraries for this purpose (Zod).
A screenshot of the slot-racer game, showing a figure-eight track with two cars racing around it
This is a game that allows multiple players to play slot-car racing against one another. I built this with a team for COMP 50 Concurrent Programming in Fall 2018. The game is built in Python and allows players to compete across a network using different clients and a shared server. My focus in the project was on the frontend using the retro gaming library Pyxel.